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Friday, August 16, 2013

No More New Posts Here. This Blog Is Moving. Come See Our New Home.

This blog is being swallowed by the new team blog, Lower Elwha Education and Culture. Not only will the library post there, but also many members of the Education Department Team. This isn't goodbye, just changing addresses.

Come see us in our new location!!
Lower Elwha Education and Culture

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Return of the First Salmon Ceremony

Yesterday was the "Return of the First Salmon" ceremony. A great many people— lots of them youth— made their way to the end of Lower Elwha Road, happily picking blackberries along the way. There was sunshine, there was blue sky, there was chanting, there were blessings. There was weaving a raft of cedar boughs, placing salmon on it, and setting it afloat towards the river mouth. There were three eagles hanging around towards the river mouth in case the singing people wanted to release another delicious floating cedar platform of food. (Sorry, eagles, wait until next year.)

Friday, August 9, 2013

We Have Cookbooks

In the library, we have cookbooks,


and cookbooks


Come by and check some out.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ways of Looking at What We Have

We have a total of 7229 items at the moment. Some are duplicates, especially in the native-related titles. (We have three copies of Hilary Stewart's Cedar. Doesn't everyone?) The total number of unique titles is 6042.

Of native-related items about 725 are children's and young adults' (elementary, middleschool and highschool ages), about 1450 are for adults.

We also have 175 books for GED students, some general nonfiction, a browsing collection of fiction, 700 DVDs, 61 CDs... Oh, and 421 library users.

Reminder: The online catalog, which comes through LibraryThing, is always available. You can sort materials out into 'collections' to zero in on what you are most interested in. You can now look separately at
    All Adult Books
    Adult Culture Books
    All Children's Books
    Children's Culture Books

Anytime you go to the catalog, you can pull out one of these five separate views by clicking on the pulldown that says "All Collections" or "Your Library"

and choosing the one you want.

Purely for the pleasure of admiring them en masse, any time you have one of these lists of titles, try clicking on the "Covers" button. You end up with something wonderful, like the display in the previous post.

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Books!!

We have a batch of new books (and some videos). These are native-related titles which we were able to buy with a small part of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) basic grant which helps support the library every year. Although there are many donations to the library, these are the first things we have been able to buy since October of last year, and we are very excited.

Except for a new first aid book, everything we ordered this summer is native related, whether books or DVDs, children's materials or adult's. You can display all our culture titles in the online catalog, at LibraryThing.

Thank you to all the community members who have donated materials over the past year, and to IMLS for continuing to support us every year.

Drop by any time and ask to see the new items. For now they are on a separate shelf, instead of being put away among the more than 1600 other culture titles in the library. Come browse, come check some things out.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Meanwhile, Down By the Strait

The nearshore areas along the Strait and being remade as silt, sand and gravel move downstream from the former lakebeds once locked up behind the dams. Tom Roorda has given us permission to share this photo he took from the air on January 16th. A story in the Peninsula Daily News explains what we see.

Monday, January 7, 2013

National Book Award Winner

Louise Erdrich won the 2012 National Book Award for her novel, The Round House. It's really really good reading, and (beware) really really depressing. Set in Chippewa country, in 1988, it references events and characters in her earlier novel, The Plague of Doves. Likewise really really good, and really really depressing. We have both titles, and a good many of her other books, including her The Birchbark House series for middle-school readers (which some of us thought were boring, nothing like her dynamite work for adults; love to hear some other opinions on this...)

We have it in the library now.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Every Computer Occupied

On a day to day basis, what the community is interested in is the computers—right now every machine is occupied—, the DVDs, and the newspapers. We have a lot of new DVDs on their way into the collection. Once they are processed, we will have more than 700 DVDs altogether. We'll let you know when the new ones are in the catalog and ready to go.

The Peninsula Daily News gets a lot of action, and some of the papers and newsletters from other tribes.

But we also try to keep up with the books we should have on native history and Klallam cultural topics, and are absolutely thrilled to let you know that Dr. Montler's Klallam Dictionary has been published. It's beautiful, it's huge (987 pages), and it embodies decades of careful work with our elders. The book hasn't been processed for the library yet, but you are welcome to stop by any time to take a look at it.

Meanwhile, winter has come. The gulls on the roof of the tribal center don't seem very excited about it.

P.S. Louise Erdrich, Ojibwe author, has won the National Book Award for her novel, The Round House. We are working on getting a copy. Meanwhile we have a good many of her other books.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Many Many New Books Coming In

Here are a few of the new books which have come... There's another big pile on Jim's desk, so there will soon be more to show you.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Movies, Movies, Movies

We've added more than a hundred DVDs in the past couple of months. Many of them have been donated. About a dozen just came in that are native-related, with more to come.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Watch the Dam Come Down FAST

The Glines Canyon Dam progress since September 5th in 90 seconds. This very cool time lapse is built from the Dam Webcam archive. Whee.

6889 Items (!!!)

Here are some of the new books we have received recently. Some were purchased, but most donated. Thanks to everyone, community members, other libraries, and our budget, we keep growing. The collection will soon reach 7000 items. It's always worth dropping by to see what we have.

(...click for larger image)

Reminder: The online catalog, which comes through LibraryThing, is always available. You can sort materials out into 'collections' to zero in on what you are most interested in. You can now look separately at
    All Adult Books
    Adult Culture Books
    All Children's Books
    Children's Culture Books

Anytime you go to the catalog, you can pull out one of these five separate views by clicking on the pulldown that says "All Collections" or "Your Library"

and choosing the one you want.

Purely for the pleasure of admiring them en masse, any time you have one of these lists of titles, try clicking on the "Covers" button. You end up with something wonderful, like this:

The Strong People

Here is a trailer for a video project, The Strong People: The Return of a River, The Rebirth of a People, by Matt Lowe and Heather Hoglund. They are raising money for the film through Kickstarter. Hope they are successful: it looks like it is going to be good. :-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wow-Beautiful New Library at Jamestown

New Library in the Oldest Community Building on the Tribal Campus
Admiring the New Space, and the Beautiful New Cabinets

New Librarian

Their hours are Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM, and Saturdays 10-3. Their catalog is online, and their webpage serves as the gateway to their digital tribal museum project, House of Seven Generations.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Film-maker John Gussman has posted another video clip, this one about the now-nearly-empty Lake Aldwell behind Elwha Dam; and sent a link to some photos of the Lake Mills delta behind Glines Canyon Dam.

Barnard Construction continues to lower the dam at Glines Canyon, and draw down the lake. For ongoing entertainment, keep your eye on the Dam Cams.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Donation by Missouri Libraries

We have recently received some books from the University of Central Missouri and the Missouri State Library. These books are ones that have been taken off the shelves at these libraries. When this is done the Libraries offer these books to other libraries, and this time we recieved 5 books which are all about Native Americans.

We would like to thank John Baken for his generous donation of books,and thank you to the American Indian Library Association for including us on their mailing list so we can receive information about book donations, as well as other information.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Friend of Our Library

In the year we had the IMLS grant, we added a lot of books. But not all of them were purchased with grant funds. Very early in that process, a couple of retired librarians in Santa Fe who knew about our library shopped for children's picture books and sent them to us. In the spring of 2008, along came a box of about 50 beautiful books, almost all culture- and native-related titles. And they kept us in mind for the next couple of years. Now and again, another box would come in the mail. Everywhere they traveled they kept their eye out for books for us. Altogether they gave us 107 shiny new children's books.

At the time, they wanted the donation to be anonymous. But one of them has recently passed away. She never met us or saw our library, but she was our good friend, and we are grateful to her memory. Thank you, Mary Grathwol.

Here are the covers of the 107 books Mary and her sister donated to Lower Elwha. Click for larger image, and ask Jim if there are any of these books you would like to see. Or just come take a look at the children's culture books shelves:

Prize-Winning Children's Books

A small donation check has arrived, marked "for children's books." We try to get some of the American Indian Library Association's awards titles every year, so we ordered two from AILA's 2012 list, the picture book winner :

and the young adult winner:

 Indian Country Today has an article about these and other titles which have received awards from AILA.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Finding the River

There's a new book about the Elwha River: Finding the River
An Environmental History of the Elwha
, by Jeff Crane. We'll order a copy. Except there's not exactly money for materials right now. We'll work on it, this is a book we want to have available.

[Later: yaay. The publisher sent us a copy. Jim is processing it. You can check it out in a day or two.]

Don't forget to keep your eye on the dam removal cameras at Elwha Dam and Glines Canyon Dam. Great (slow) online entertainment.

The Hits Keep on Coming

As the DVD watchers who haunt the library know very well, the collection continues to grow. Keep those donations coming, your fellow community members are grateful.

New culture titles:

New Videos:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Elwha Science Education

There's a really nice article about how the dam removals have inspired the Geoscience Education Program at Elwha.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Traditional Foods and Other Topics

We have received a number of cookbooks using traditional foods from different parts of Indian Country.

There are also a number of interesting new culture books.

You can make the catalog show you all our traditional foods books by searching the catalog for them specifically. Or take a look at all the adult culture books. Try these special searches:
    traditional foods
    adult culture books

Some examples of the new ones (click for larger image):

Monday, October 24, 2011

Land of Painted Caves

When we put in our book orders, we ordered the things people had asked us for, everything we mention along the way as going "on the wish list". The new Jean Auel book, the new Brad Meltzer. Nine titles in that fantasy series about warrior cats in the forest. Cookbooks, a whole lot of delicious cookbooks, including Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything.

We're now pretty well settled into the new shelves. A lot of the books moved around. Won't have new signs and new labels yet, but we can help you find things. Please come and borrow some of these new titles!!!

P.S., the new DVDs are coming ever closer, but mostly not here yet. Maybe this week, maybe.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still Braggin' On the New Books

Here are the covers of the new kids' books. There are so many of them we had to capture the display in three pieces. Click for larger images.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Come and Play

The new kids' books are ready to be checked out. Thanks to all the community members who contributed to the matching funds for this grant.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The New Kids' Books Are Here

The books from the Libri Foundation grant, supported in part by your matching donations, have arrived. What could be better than 87 new children's books??

Jim is working on processing them. We'll let you know when they're ready to be handled, admired, and checked out. Maybe we should have an ice-cream social for them.

We also have some new (used) shelving on its way. And four of the six new computers are already installed. The keyboards work and everything. :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peninsula Daily News

WooHoo!! We have subscribed to the Peninsula Daily News. It will be available on our newspaper shelves.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Salmon Links

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sherman Alexie News

The Richland (WA) School Board has un-banned Sherman Alexie's The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. This is really pretty funny: at the time they had voted to ban the book, no one on the School Board had read it, and only one person on the advisory committee who recommended against the book had read it.

This bit of news came to us via Alexie's twitter account, which in turn points to his blog. The blog is very lively, including information about his schedule, discussion of developments in publishing and the media market (ebooks; the demise of Borders; the changes in Netflix; etc.).

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Books on Native Topics

In an article in Indian Country Today, Native author and legal scholar Marc Trahant recommended three books for "summer reading":

The Echo-Hawk title was already on our shopping list. We've added the other two.