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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Circle of Stories

One of the resource lists for the PBS series We Shall Remain includes a link to another PBS website, Circle of Stories. There are four wonderful stories there, available in audio with photo collages.

The series of five films, We Shall Remain, premieres on April 27, and is getting a lot of early publicity. The various resource lists on the program web site, (1)(2), are worth exploring. There are websites listed, as well as particular reference books, literature, and general reading. We don't have a great many of the cited resources (and no money for book shopping), but the websites are worth exploring for such treasures as the stories mentioned above. If there are particular print titles you'd like to get hold of, we can help you find them one way or another.

And we actually do pretty well with the literature, both for adults and children. We have one or more titles by almost every author on the Reading Circle lists. We've printed out some of the lists, and they are available at the desk in the library.

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