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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"In the early days..."

Summer Youth have been working on making digital copies of the audio tapes in the Klallam Language Program's archives which have not already been preserved. In some cases, the one tape in the drawer, perhaps recorded a couple of decades ago, is the only copy there is.

There is a formal description of the Klallam Language Program online in the UNESCO Register of Good Practices of Language Preservation. You have to click on the little + sign to see the summary. From there you can get to the full report in MSWord format.

We have a copy of the draft version of the dictionary which Mr. Montler and the Klallam langauge teachers have been working on with the elders. Mr. Montler also has some very carefully put together stories, and a word list, and other materials (with audio), on his website.

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