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Monday, December 14, 2009

What the Community Wants

The ice cream social was a big success on Friday, we had some new library users sign up, and a number of people mentioned that they had been curious about the library but never quite knew where we were. Several people filled out the little survey about what kind of downloadable audio books they might be interested in.

And people asked about books they wondered if we had, which is always tells us useful things. They wanted beading books, Sherman Alexie, Salish art, the Twilight books, a SpongeBob movie, and Dave Pelzer's books. We were able to say, 'Yes we have them' to all the things people mentioned, in some cases whole stacks of relevant titles. Yaay.


Re: the downloadable audio books, we will keep you posted as we find out from the State Library how it is going to work, and when it will begin.

Special bonus for blog readers: it's Monday noon (12/14) and there's a little bit of ice cream left; some syrup; some sprinkles. Not enough to offer in an all-staff email, but come on in and ask for a sundae if you read this any time soon. :-)

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