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Monday, February 14, 2011

Early News About Canoe Journey, 2011

Swinomish is hosting the 2011 Canoe Journey. En route landing sites and dates so far include Suquamish, July 21-22; Tulalip, July 23; Coupeville, July 24. We will post more dates as they are known. Ceremonial in Swinomish is scheduled for July 25-July 31. (1)(2)(3). The landing site will be in Swadaps Park on Swinomish Channel.

This is going to be a bit further to go for our pullers than it was in 2010 (Makah) and 2009 (Suquamish).

Canoe Journey 2009, landing in Pillar Point (photo by Carol Reiss, USGS)

Some historical canoe images:

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